Windows 7 – In the forums – Part 2

Upgraders to Windows 7 are not all having an easy time of it. Why? Some seem to be under the belief that upgrading to Windows 7 will make a Vista computer work better. It can, but..

  • There is a mistaken belief that Windows 7 is more compatible than Vista. Well, there is some truth in the statement, but it is more compatible with hardware and software because so many manufacturers finally produced Vista stuff in the end. Unfortunately, some of the manufacturers coded software and hardware drivers to be OS specific. So, we still have the situation where some Vista stuff will not work in Windows 7 because the manufacturers ensured that it wouldn’t.
  • The only systems which will upgrade and not be problematic at the end of the process are those where software and hardware drivers have not been specifically coded, and where the system is pretty much malware free.
  • Some upgraders, when told that their present anti-virus solution is not compatible, have uninstalled it and installed one that is accredited with being Windows 7 compatible, when really they should be upgrading with NO anti-virus solution running at all.
  • Some have been made aware that all is not compatible, but rather than back off and check for compatible stuff first, have gone ahead with the upgrade anyway.

Computers users who have chosen to clean install, and those who have no option because they are upgrading from XP, face similar problems. While a clean install will generally be less problematic, if there are no drivers and software patches available, the end result will be the same.

In my opinion, anybody considering a migration to the latest and greatest operating system should be prepared to go above and beyond, and accept that there may be additional costs incurred. If an upgrade/migration to the latest OS goes well and everything works as it should without incurring costs, think of it as a bonus, because the draw is very much in the lap of the gods.

Remember this: The only ‘ROLL- BACK’ option available after running an unsuccessful upgrade or migration is the original Vista/XP installation media.

The above is a very good case for waiting until there is a need for a new computer, and then purchasing one that has the new operating system already installed. At least everything contained in the case will work ok..

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