New slippers for your mouse..

Don’t you just love the way that a new mouse glides across a new mouse mat. For the first few days, the mouse is a pleasure to use. Then one day, you boot up your computer, and the mouse feels like it is wearing DMS boots fitted with ice spikes.

The mouse mat suffers too. What was once a low friction plastic surface is now worn to a smooth surface which looks like it should be ok, but actually increases friction.

The same stuff that used to accumulate on the ball and spindles of the old style mouse may not affect the modern day mouse laser but it plays havoc with the mouse paws. The worst is that the more you clean them, the worse the situation gets.

scotch magic

A search on the Internet for new mouse paws reveals nothing at all, so what to do? Well, you can forget harsh cleaners and Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol). The solution to the problem may be closer than you think.

See the photo? This is Scotch® Magic™ Tape. A roll of this stuff will keep your mouse gliding freely for a long time. This particular brand of replacement mouse paws has a ‘silicone’ feeling to its surface which is resistant to whatever builds up on regular mouse paws and mats. There are cheaper brands which may work for you, but I have not tried them. Use at your own risk.

Fitting is a breeze. You pull a little piece of tape from the dispenser, cut it with a pair of sharp scissors to a size marginally bigger than the mouse paws, and then place a piece carefully over each one. Your mouse will once again glide freely. In fact, you may overshoot stuff for a while.

There is a bonus too. This stuff is really useful for many other tasks in the home and office. 

Warning: Only suitable for use on keyboard feet between the hours of midnight and midday, April 1st . 


3 thoughts on “New slippers for your mouse..

  1. Save the Scotch tape for presents. There’s a new product in town and they are called Fliders, The Original Slippers for Your Mouse.

  2. You must not have heard of fliders, the original slippers for your mouse. I bought a set from ebay and they work awesome! Especially with my apple magic mouse. I sure wish they had these for sale at the apple store.

  3. $10.00 !!! I can buy 6 rolls of Scotch tape for that, wrap up two years worth of Christmas presents and still have enough to keep an army of mice on the move.. 🙂

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