After a bad day..

.. essentially any day which ends with the letters ‘….day’, what better than to fire up Halo in a trainer and just shoot everything to pieces. This is what I have used as a stress reliever since the game first appeared in 2001/2002. Windows XP handled it really well, as did Vista, but the display in Windows 7 on my digital 19” widescreen monitor makes it unplayable, and if I don’t find a way to improve it, I will need to install Halo and shoot everything to pieces. Oops.. can’t do that.. Fable takes far too long to install, and … Continue reading After a bad day..

A day in the life..

Having promised a 24hr turn around No original disks.. surprise surprise Finger marks all over the screen.. again How do stores get away with selling underpowered junk? Slow?? It doesn’t even boot !!!! Oh cool.. the ‘you may have been scammed’ graphic Ha ha.. soopadoopavirusXPkilla. That will be fun to remove No disks, no obvious back up device. Why do I have to look for interminable masses of family pics? If I was to split the charge for the job into an hourly rate, tea pickers in the 19th century were getting more than I am.. Grrrrrrrrrrr.. 24 hours later … Continue reading A day in the life..

There is a marked difference..

Yesterday, I un-installed Microsoft Office 2007 from my Vista installation. Wow, did that take a time to complete or what. The purpose was to install the newly released Office 2010 Beta. First attempt – please uninstall FrontPage 2003 and Access server database. More time passed. Second attempt – it is installing but when will it finish? It finally did finish, after which I had this unswerving desire to get back to Windows 7. After a few months of using Windows 7, notwithstanding aspects I do not overly like, Windows 7 booted quickly, responded quickly, and was/is a real pleasure. Users … Continue reading There is a marked difference..


This statement, made by a UK Microsoft manager, has been called a ‘can of worms’ "What we’ve tried to do with Windows 7, whether it’s traditional format or in a touch format, is create a Mac look and feel in terms of graphics." Question.. when haven’t Apple and Microsoft ‘exchanged’ ideas regarding looks, and how many ways can a GUI be made to look very different to all others while still retaining all that a GUI should be? The original concept came from a couple of Xerox guys who were just messing about during their lunch breaks, and I do … Continue reading Heresy..

Happy third birthday..

Three years ago today, I was excitedly installing Microsoft Vista Ultimate and Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007. My computer is still running very well, just as it did during that heady night, except that Vista has morphed into Windows 7, and the only part of the original partnership left on my machine is Office 2007. Normally, one would expect a list of differences and why new is better than old, mini-rants about how much easier Windows 7 is than Vista was. The thing is that Windows 7 is very good because Vista wasn’t, or so I am told because Vista was … Continue reading Happy third birthday..

Extra Extra.. read all about it..

.. well,  at least two ‘Extras’ are making a comeback, except that they will not be Ultimate this time. They will be Windows 7 all versions this time because they will be released to all Windows 7 users. So, are you on the edge of your seats at the prospect of being able to play Tinker and Hold’em? Maybe not if you were a Vista Ultimate user before, but for those who have never played either game, they may be a novelty.. Needless to say, I was a Vista Ultimate user prior to the switch to Windows 7. Time to … Continue reading Extra Extra.. read all about it..

The search for drivers..

I watched a video of a Windows House Party. The organisers put on a great show, and I was impressed, especially with the six year old PC which is running Windows 7 well, presumably the 32-bit variant. I have a six year old Intel G845WN. Lets take a look at what I would have to do to get a usable Windows 7 onto it.. It presently has 640mb RAM spread across all three slots, so that would need to go and be replaced by three 512mb modules if I am to get any performance at all. Cost $150. Video is … Continue reading The search for drivers..