A day in the life..

Having promised a 24hr turn around

No original disks.. surprise surprise

Finger marks all over the screen.. again

How do stores get away with selling underpowered junk?

Slow?? It doesn’t even boot !!!!

Oh cool.. the ‘you may have been scammed’ graphic

Ha ha.. soopadoopavirusXPkilla. That will be fun to remove

No disks, no obvious back up device. Why do I have to look for interminable masses of family pics?

If I was to split the charge for the job into an hourly rate, tea pickers in the 19th century were getting more than I am..


24 hours later

OK.. all done. Your operating system is no longer ‘illegal’. By the way, who installed it before?

Yes, all of your pictures are safe and sound. Have you thought about copying them to a CD/DVD? You should..

No, its ok. I always stay up into the early hours of the morning.

You should be good to go for at least a year, I have installed good products to keep your computer safe.

oO please please please be good to go for another year Oo

One thought on “A day in the life..

  1. This is hilarious! Especially “No, its ok. I always stay up into the early hours of the morning.” Thank you!

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