After a bad day..

.. essentially any day which ends with the letters ‘….day’, what better than to fire up Halo in a trainer and just shoot everything to pieces. This is what I have used as a stress reliever since the game first appeared in 2001/2002.

Windows XP handled it really well, as did Vista, but the display in Windows 7 on my digital 19” widescreen monitor makes it unplayable, and if I don’t find a way to improve it, I will need to install Halo and shoot everything to pieces.

Oops.. can’t do that..

Fable takes far too long to install, and is too in-depth for a quick swash-buckle. Maybe I should install Zoo Tycoon 2, nurture a few ferocious beasts and then let them out of the cages to consume the first visitors to the zoo.

I mean this is why we play computers games, isn’t it. Well, am I right? Where is Tinker when I need him most? Why wasn’t Tinker included in the standard Windows games. I know that he doesn’t shoot anything, but one’s mind is flexed a little more than when playing FreeCell.

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