My Christmas wish list..

I need to get a Netbook so that I can look at web sites from wherever I happen to be.The advert says that I should, but wildly scrolling all points of the compass in order to see a complete web page doesn’t appeal somehow. Typing on a full size keyboard is hard enough, but on a keyboard which is only large compared to phones designed for SMS messages? No thanks.  I am quite happy with my desktop. It is large enough that I don’t lose it or forget where I put it, and the twin 19” widescreens enable me to … Continue reading My Christmas wish list..

A blast from the past..

Those of you who remember this.. .. might also remember this character. His name was Repton, a lizard who had a propensity for wanting to gather jewels. All you had to do was to carefully guide him through a maze while avoiding falling boulders, nasty alien insects, skulls, creeping fungus and exploding sprites, all of which would prove fatal without proper advance planning. When I shut down my BBC Master 512 for the last time in readiness to donate it to a local school. I never thought that I would ever be able to play this game again. Personally, … Continue reading A blast from the past..

Remember the ‘wow’ factor?

How quickly it turned into the ‘Whoa’ factor? I have been working the Microsoft Answers forum for a while now, and there is one forum group, Hardware and Drivers, which demonstrates the above very quickly. The basic claim is that Windows 7 will run on a less powerful machine than Vista ever could. OK, I have a less powerful machine, but will Windows 7 run on it? I am not even going to try. You see, I know that there are components which are eminently not compatible with Windows 7 and the reason I know this is because manufacturers don’t … Continue reading Remember the ‘wow’ factor?