A blast from the past..

Those of you who remember this.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBC_Micro .. might also remember this character. His name was Repton, a lizard who had a propensity for wanting to gather jewels. All you Reptonhad to do was to carefully guide him through a maze while avoiding falling boulders, nasty alien insects, skulls, creeping fungus and exploding sprites, all of which would prove fatal without proper advance planning.

When I shut down my BBC Master 512 for the last time in readiness to donate it to a local school. I never thought that I would ever be able to play this game again. Personally, I think that it is probably the most addictive game that I have ever played on a computer. The graphics and sound by today’s standards were incredibly simple, but nobody cared way back then, but while it all looked simple, the game was quite tricky.

Guess what? I have found the game, it is available for the Windows PC and even runs in Windows 7. The game comes in all of the original versions, looks pretty much identical to the original, the soundtrack is more techno than I remember it, and the game is every bit as addictive as ever it was.

Pricing is commensurate for one of the best computer games ever, starting at $19.95, and you can get it here. http://www.superiorinteractive.com/. There are trial versions for those of you who do not believe me.  

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