My Christmas wish list..

I need to get a Netbook so that I can look at web sites from wherever I happen to be.The advert says that I should, but wildly scrolling all points of the compass in order to see a complete web page doesn’t appeal somehow. Typing on a full size keyboard is hard enough, but on a keyboard which is only large compared to phones designed for SMS messages? No thanks. 

I am quite happy with my desktop. It is large enough that I don’t lose it or forget where I put it, and the twin 19” widescreens enable me to see stuff without wearing the scroll wheel out in a few days.

Maybe I should get a mobile phone c/w with full 104 key micro-keyboard and webcam. All of those tiny keys and they all have letters and numbers on them. If Nokia sold an inconspicuous magnifier that could be clipped to the device such that I could see the keys, I might be tempted, but they don’t.

I have a mobile phone already. It is a Motorola VC60 folding type with a standard large telephone keypad. To communicate, you have to talk through it because it was made at a time when you would ask a waitress in a restaurant for a glass of water, not text message her.for it

I am told that I need a Wii too. Thinking about it, I have been drinking a lot of water today..Back in a tick. ………….. 🙂 ..

Ha, you didn’t think that I was going to buy an expensive white box and then stand in front of the TV waving a hand held controller around like a clockwork idiot, did you?

A GPS unit for the Jeep would be nice because I want a more scenic route for trips to the gas station a couple of blocks from here.

But I have heard that if you decide to make an impromptu stop before arrival at the pre-programmed destination, the unit does not let you forget that you have not gotten there yet.  I have a partner who does that already and without the need for a monthly subscription.

So, my wish list does not include any of the above because they are all fast tracks to frustration. I want to hear my two year old grand-daughter call out to me as she enters my humble abode and to see her happy smiling face.

Seasons Greetings to all of you, and may your wish bring you the same happiness as my wish will bring me.. 

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