2010 – Looking forward..

At a personal level..

The year has started well at least with an MVP status re-award for 2010. I am also hoping that I get more business this year, but I face a lot of competition from others who see fit to almost give their services away.

I have no doubt that my eldest grand-daughter will continue to astound and amaze me and all others with whom she comes into contact.

The replacement Jeep works well, certainly better than my old one which was stolen and left for scrap in a field some 30 kilometres from here.

Finally I have found a doctor who will take me on as a regular patient, so I may just get some of my medical problems fixed which would be nice.

On the technical front..

All of my systems here are getting old, and I am pushing them to their limits, but without more work, upgrading is not on the cards..

The oldest computer, running XP in a manner of speaking, is only kept going as a fax machine because I refuse to pay out for a 64-bit compatible internal fax modem or a dedicated fax/phone unit. It really is about time that Fax went the way of the Polaroid Instant Camera.

In general..

The first two days have been ok, one or two ups and no downs so far. There are no resolutions to break because I didn’t make any, which helps keep the number of downs at a more acceptable level, and I am back in the Microsoft Forums, administering my concise (some might use the term ‘terse’) style of answering.

Good luck to all, and I wish you a mediocre year at worst, and a good year assuming that there are some improvements lurking in your shadows.. 

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