The Ultimate PC accessory

I have one of these, but it is no longer part of my computer configuration. Why? Well, my humble abode has become aPC cigarette lighter ‘no smoking zone’ since the appearance of my favourite granddaughter. For those of you who are not ‘in the know’, it is a Sunbeam Cigarette Lighter for PC and is Windows 7 compatible (no drivers required).

The biggest problem with the device is that it has to be used in conjunction with accessory cigarettes which tend to produce a lot of smoke and tar deposits. Fortunately for me, I have fast track access to outside, but it is not fast enough to prevent a smoke trail, which is in direct contravention of the ‘no smoke’ regulations. Needless to say, this is NOT the ultimate PC accessory.

And neither is the ubiquitous BiC lighter, as it has no affiliation to anything PC other than the fact that some PC users may own one or two.  

So what is the ultimate PC accessory? Drum roll please.. usb_cig(2)

Enter the USB cigarette. It is USB 1.1, 2.0 and 3.0 compatible, and will run on any version of Windows or Linux. Available in 35 flavours including tobacco, it will hook up to desktops and laptops (unlike the device pictured above), but it will not work in USB hubs unless of the powered variety.

In actual fact, I think that a powered USB hub on a suitably long cable or a USB extension cable would be useful because the ‘umbilical’ cord could be kept away from tangling with USB wired mice. There is no doubt that the cable could be a distraction while typing, and may bring weird looks from onlookers and passers by if it was being used on a laptop in a public Wi-Fi cafe area. allproducts

There is a mobile version (shown right) which gets over the problems already mentioned, and includes a USB connecter that can be used more surreptitiously in a car or one’s home, courtesy of the other charger adapters included in the full mobile set.

Note that this is one PC accessory which you will NOT find in any of the major PC retailers.

For more information, here is the website..

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