And yet more on the ECS L7VMM upgrade..

A network printer should not be difficult to install, and my well tried procedure for connecting a network printer across platforms did not work, no matter how I tried.Very disappointing.

Windows 7.. I just had to go for it..

The upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium did not take too long to complete, but there is not much by way of other software installed. There is definitely a speed increase over Vista in general operation and everything works.

Video is reduced to the basic VGA standard which is not particularly good but usable, network speed allows for maximum transmission in and out as allowed by my ISP connection, the Intel 536 EP works, as does the Canon Lide 30 courtesy of Vuescan, and the network printer installed without a hitch. Et voilà, a working fax machine.. 🙂

Points to bear in mind..

I did all of the above purely as an exercise. I am not expecting much from this machine. Occasional surfing, email, etc is as much as it will ever do, so hardware does not have to be top notch, Lack of video acceleration brings up a warning even when starting FreeCell and the game is next to unplayable, not important to me would be for most others.

What it proves to me is that machines made before 2006 are best left with whatever operating system was originally installed. The latest and greatest operating system is of no value if it does not allow for good performance. Lack of Windows 7 drivers from a hardware manufacturer is a good sign that performance will be ‘not good to not existent’.

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