It’s all so dull..

Yes, Windows 7 is dull. Once that you become used to the look, some of which is extremely dull, Windows 7 is so boring to the point where you forget about it. Wait before you jump on me. An operating system is not meant to be invasive or in your face. It is a platform on which the end user runs productive software or fun stuff. An operating system should work seamlessly in the background, and Windows 7 does that out of the box. Where with XP or Vista, you could tussle with them while trying to hook up to … Continue reading It’s all so dull..

Noisy case fans..

There is not much worse in life than sitting beside a PC tower which has noisy fans. It is like living next to a hamster, continual squeaking, droning, air rush sounds in the not-so-background. It is time to do something about it. If you have to change the fan because it is squeaking or droning, don’t throw the old one into the garbage just yet. When the fan bearings give up, the only useless part is the fan itself. Your new replacement fan will be more efficient but also be noisier because of the air turbulence created between the blades … Continue reading Noisy case fans..

Game controllers

These two controllers will plug ‘n play in Windows 7. 1. Saitek ST90 joystick – 2. Saitek P880 gamepad I haven’t played games with them because I have no high end games which run in Windows 7, but the drivers for both devices load automatically and both test ok.. 

Problems with sleep

If you are a dual monitor user and you have Ultramon 3.0.8 installed, you may find that your computer has a reluctance to stay in sleep mode. Go to here for the latest version which appears to overcome resistance to sleeping..

As the computing world settles into four core..

.. I am just getting Dual Core. My venerable Biostar T6100-939 now sports an X2 4400 + in place of the single core 3500 + Installation It was a good time to clean out all of the dust collection areas inside the case, including the CPU fan and heatsink, which will remain the same as the X2 runs cooler than single core variants. Removal of the old CPU and the fitting of the new one was a breeze. The AMD 939 heatsink mounting follows the same basic design as early PC processor heatsinks in that it is a single spring … Continue reading As the computing world settles into four core..

Anybody remember ‘Judy Patch’?

I have been trawling through some of my saved URL’s and came across this one. At the time, it was difficult to determine if the website was for real or just an attempt at comedy. Personally, I believe that it was constructed in all good faith that it would be of help to people.I don’t think that Judy Patch is still doing this, thankfully. Judy Patch was not and is not alone. There are many ‘have a go’ heroes in this world, and some may be living not too far away from you. They are generally recommended by a friend … Continue reading Anybody remember ‘Judy Patch’?

End of the line

Windows 7 RC users will get notification around Feb 15th that usage of the RC will come to an end.. Details here.. Users of Windows 2000 should also be aware that support is coming to a very definite end. Without security updates of any kind, it will be increasingly difficult to maintain any level of safety if the computer is connected to the Internet for any length of time.

Finally upgrading to Dual Core

My main production machine will be getting an upgrade very soon There will be no new mainboard because my 939 Biostar is ok, but the CPU is a lowly AMD 64 3500+ and the computer has struggled with Vista and Windows 7 multi-tasking. Don’t get me wrong, it has performed incredibly well all things considered. Even games played well on it, which says a lot for the mainboard. The 939 mainboard had a short production run, being eclipsed by the AM2 slot after one year. As a result, the only place where 939 dual core processors ever seem to appear … Continue reading Finally upgrading to Dual Core