Finally upgrading to Dual Core

My main production machine will be getting an upgrade very soon There will be no new mainboard because my 939 Biostar is ok, but the CPU is a lowly AMD 64 3500+ and the computer has struggled with Vista and Windows 7 multi-tasking. Don’t get me wrong, it has performed incredibly well all things considered. Even games played well on it, which says a lot for the mainboard.

The 939 mainboard had a short production run, being eclipsed by the AM2 slot after one year. As a result, the only place where 939 dual core processors ever seem to appear for sale is eBay. I must have emailed just about every computer dealer in Ontario while  looking for an upgrade CPU, and always came up with nothing. They are the equivalent of hen’s teeth in this part of the world.

So what am I getting? An AMD 64 X2 4400+ 939. Please quit from laughing at your earliest convenience. This upgrade is costing me around $100. A full system upgrade would cost more than three times that figure, and I wouldn’t get three times the performance gain. Also, considering what I use this machine to accomplish, $100 is a reasonable amount.

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