The quest for speed..

My motherboard is maxed out on memory (4gb limit), I upgraded the mid-range single core AMD processor to a mid-range dual core type, and all drivers are up to date as much as possible. Is there much difference between the single and dual core processors? NO..

For what I do, a single processor worked well. For gamers, a single processor was also good. I am not totally convinced that early dual core technology was as good as claimed. Compared to an i3 powered Toshiba laptop which has recently entered the family, my dual core is desperately slow. Mind you, there are a number of years between them. So, how to make my old desktop faster without resorting to an expensive upgrade?

First off, I need to find a supplier of a panacea for all of my medical troubles, and secondly? A ‘how to type using more than two fingers course’ would be useful. Unfortunately, the second is inextricably tied to the first. One of my medical woes is arthritis in some of my hand and wrist joints.

Speech recognition is getting better, but one still has to talk slowly, and some voices are better than others where recognition is concerned. Pneumonia when young has had far reaching effects that could not have been predicted over 50 years ago. To be honest, the way that I feel these days, I don’t think that I could keep up with a really fast computer.

A computer like the ones featured in Star Trek would soon get bored waiting for me to input anything meaningful, responding every now and again with ‘I’m sorry but I did not recognise that word’. I am hoping that my next computer will not have its own voice, that it is as inert as this one. I don’t think that I could take a computer making remarks like ‘Am I keeping you up’.

I am an aging single core type, and there is no dual core upgrade for me. This quest for speed could well become a double edged sword.. 🙂

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