The Ultimate Mouse Pad?

In a former posting about overcoming the problem of friction between a mouse and mouse pad, I suggested cutting strips of Scotch® tape (Sellotape® in the UK) and carefully placing them over the mouse ‘feet’. You should use the opaque tape, not clear, and always use scissors for a nice clean cut.

The above works well on most if not all mouse pads for a while at least, but the tape will need replacing as some mouse mats take the surface off or catch the edges of the tape. I have been trying a variety of commercial mouse mats and other surfaces, and one of the best was a simple disposable cutting board bought from a Dollar store. Unfortunately, the surface of said cutting board did not last as well as I had hoped it would. mouse pad

The problem with many mouse pads is that they do not stand up to cleaning very well. So, what surface is good for multiple cleaning sessions without suffering surface loss? How about a glass cutting board of the type you may use for cheese?

The item shown is made of tempered glass, is 10” x 8” and is available from Amazon, but your local cook shop or Dollar store may have something similar. I have a feeling that the one I am using originated from a Dollar store. I was given it as it was about to be thrown away in a friends trash can.

The surface is easy to clean, has a ‘machined’ finish which cuts out drag, and my mouse glides over it so very easily. It has been a boon for me as I suffer arthritis in my wrist and hand joints, and I do not have to use much force to move the mouse around.

Lastly, it is compatible with all versions of Windows.. :-)  

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