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When is an iPhone not a phone?

When you hold it in your left hand and block the incoming signal. The signal meter may show five bars, but the lack of conversation tells another story. Apple, apparently, will send out a fix to the iPhones which will enable the signal meter to sync with the lack of signal.

I have a cunning plan. I was walking by a stall in my local mall, and noticed a plethora of cases and covers for a variety of cell phones. The iPhone seemed to be well enough supported, but there was something missing. There was no protective case with an integrated handle. Personally, I think that it would catch on. iPhone on a stick, or maybe a protective case which conceals a flip out handle. It would increase the bulk but would give it more range than is afforded by two Dixie cups and a metre of wet string

nVidia graphics drivers

Version 257.21 is doing a great job here. While it hasn’t turned the old 6600 into anything other than a 6600, mouse pointer stability is excellent. The update would be more use to me if I was running games listed as having improved performance with the new driver package. Well, truth is that I am not good enough at game playing to warrant buying any of them. In this way, I don’t know if the listed games are actually any better.

What I can say is that Zuma’s Revenge exits from full screen mode without upsetting any of the graphics settings. All is well

Seven in general

At night and when I am away for extended periods in the daytime, I use the hibernate function.  The computer continues to run well without the need for reboots. It only gets a reboot if an update calls for it or I am doing maintenance on the innards.

I have not had any of the issues which I see in the newsgroups and forums, but I don’t try to make it do stuff beyond its abilities (or mine) and I don’t run registry cleaners or security suites which have accrued a bad reputation over time. On my aging system, it has run well straight out of the box. I can fix any problem that comes along, but I want the computer to run without the need for regular maintenance as much as any newbie does.

In this and every other respect, Windows 7 has lived up to hopes and expectations.

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