Another one bites the dust?

From what is seen in the MS Answers forum, one might be forgiven for thinking that Windows 7 breaks motherboards. Vista showed similar properties too,  but can an operating system really break a motherboard? Much depends upon interpretation  of the word ‘break’.


  • Windows 7 is installed..  (Hmmmmm)
  • Two weeks later, the motherboard gives out.. (Argh, I can’t stand it any longer.. too slow man)
  • ‘Broken’ motherboard removed.. (good riddance P4 2gb)
  • Replacement board installed (yes.. i7 8gb)
  • Help!! (oh no.. it will not activate)

No, it won’t. A major manufacturer OEM installation will look for some evidence of OEM hardware, and if none can be found, it could be game over.  It is difficult to replace an aging motherboard with the exact make and model, but at least go for the same OEM make.

It saves whimpering to the Microsoft activation team about how the old computer broke and that a search for the same motherboard really was made in all good faith.

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