XP Mode..

Installing it..

When downloading the three files, ensure that you can identify them in the order that they are installed. I made separate folders because I knew that I was downloading way before I would get around to installing them. OK. Yesterday, I decided to install XP Mode. The three modules did not take too long and ran without incident. At the end of the third, I had XP SP3 running in a ‘window’. Next step was to download all of the XP updates which seemed to take forever.

Now what?

I haven’t addressed the security alerts because I have no intention of keeping XP Mode on my system long term. I really don’t have a need for it because I gave up getting attached to applications after Corel WordPerfect 7 failed to run properly in XP. There are no mission critical operations running here, and unless there are, XP mode has little value, in my opinion. I still have full retail XP media which at least gives me the full abilities if I was to set it up on another drive.

The advantage of running XP Mode if you are desperate enough to need or want it is that you don’t have to own a copy of XP, The VMWare offering does not include XP, BUT video performance is better, maybe enough to make older games playable. I can’t say anymore than that as I have no intention of trying it out.


For now, it will remain a talking point unless I find something to do with it that will not be a complete waste of time and effort. Presently, it is a novelty without much novelty value. For home use, I would sooner run an XP box on a KVM switch if I still wanted to play big games, and to be perfectly honest, I would suggest the same in a business environment as well.

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