All drivers?

The Intel D101GGC is a motherboard used by OEM computer manufacturers. It has little by way of labels, and I only found out what it was because I installed SIW (the free version). It must have been quite a popular 775 base, ‘must have been’ because it is no longer supported properly.

No kidding!!! Type ‘D101GGC’ in a search and what you get is a list of forum posts where owners are looking for motherboard drivers. The Intel website will do a scan of the motherboard, and it does procure a list of drivers for sound and LAN. For graphics, one has to pay a visit to the ATI website.

OK, save and then install all of the drivers. Is everything ok now? I wouldn’t be writing this if it was.

Everything is there except for a driver which deals with the SM Bus controller. Suggestions for fixing include installing Catalyst Control Center, pulling the mains plug for a few seconds, and then rebooting. Did this work?

Deep down in one of the forum threads, there is reference to a driver, as it happens, an ATI chipset driver. Installation of this driver cures the SM Bus fault. It is downloadable from the Intel website, but not the same site as the other drivers for the D101GGC.

Why isn’t it? The D101GGC is not complete without it. Who, within the Intel empire, makes these decisions?What could have been fixed in five minutes, took nearly an hour of scouring posts in five forums. How difficult would it be to have ALL of the D101GGC drivers in one place?

In the wild, you may never come across the D101GGC. Be thankful for that.

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