I had been playing a game, Zuma’s Revenge, that corrupted after a while. So I decided to uninstall it for a while because I had been playing it too much anyway. It is one of many annoying yet addictive games.

Revo Uninstaller

I used the advanced removal procedure which claims to to a deep scan for files and registry entries. After a while, I re-installed the game, and all of the names I had played under were still evident.  

Did it remove the game completely? No, it didn’t.

Total Uninstall 5

I then ran Total Uninstall 5, removed Zuma’s Revenge, and then re-installed the game. This time, there was no evidence of having played the game, no names, no previous scores..

There is an expectation that uninstall routines will indeed  uninstall everything to do with a program or application. All too often, this does not happen.

Re. games, I can understand to some extent why they do not. Some people may be disappointed to lose all of their scores in the event that a game has to be re-installed for whatever reason. However, there should be an option in the game uninstall procedure which asks if the person wants all of the program removed.

Third party uninstallers offer a choice of partial and total removal for the above reason. Revo failed miserably. It did NOT do what I wanted or expected.


Revo, this is a definite fail.. 0

Total Uninstall 5 wins the round.. 1

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