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Power2Go 7

This is one of the sections, but they all have a similar appearance – note the facility to rip and convert audio files, and also to launch LabelPrint, a companion utility. Power2Go 7 is compatible with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and most importantly Windows 7.

While working with this program, it is no differePower2go 7nt in the way it works from Nero or most of the free offerings. The main difference for me is that it is more reliable than other utilities of this genre.

As you would expect, it can handle CD/DVD’s and Blu-Ray disks.

Burning times:

For an ISO of Windows 7 64-bit, 3075 Mb, at 2x speed for accuracy of file transfer takes approximately 25 minutes including verification.

For music files, 4.3Gb of them, 11.5 minutes at 16x speed including verification.

I am not really sure how this compares with other optical media burning suites because I don’t use any others.

In the snapshot, you can see a function called ‘Audio Converter’. This is a useful feature as it will do much as it says. It will also extract audio from most video file formats. The one that it will not handle is FLV, a format used by some of the free programs to pull video files from YouTube. This is the format for most of my videos, which is a little disappointing.

Other than that, there is nothing that Power2Go 7 can’t do re production of optical media.☺

Rating: ☺☺☺☺☺

LabelPrint 2

While Power2Go 7 is a newly released version that is compatible with Windows 7, LabelPrint 2 has been around since the days of Power2Go 6. The only change that I can see is the addition of one or two more backgrounds.

There is still only provision to make one label at a time, and there is no facility to add text to case end labels which may also be on the label sheet. Also, when importing your own backgrounds photos, there is no provision to move the photo to get the best bit to show. The photo auto centres which means doing a little manual cropping of the original to get the best features of the photo in the printable area.

The one big advantage is that, having burned a CD/DVD, you get the option to print a label containing all of the file names that have been burned, and there are a variety of templates which allow for placement of information in different areas of the label. 

Rating: ☺☺☺


If you have a reasonably high end webcam, it may have been supplied with software which allows stuff to be added to what is viewed. The Microsoft VX 6000 allows the viewed image to be manipulated in much the same way as the cheaper photo editing applications, pinching, stretching, solarising etc. You can also add hats and silly effects when it is used in ‘face detection’ mode.

Well, YouCam takes this idea and adds a lot more features. Take a look..

youcam review snapshot

Here is the Poodle. When you move your head, the dog’s head moves. When you speak, the dog’s mouth moves. This is cute stuff and totally silly but I have a feeling that it could well appeal to all ages. The windows above adds visual effects around the ‘face’ and you can even write your own messages onto the image.

As with all webcam software, you can produce snapshots, videos, surveillance, PLUS upload to YouTube, Facebook and email. This is one fun program for all of the family.

Rating: ☺☺☺☺☺

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