Registering my protest..

As time passes and new software versions are being released, I am constantly being forced to change the way that I do things. Change is good. Windows 7 is better than any other Windows OS before it.. BUT Windows Classic Menu With us since Windows 9x, we had it in Windows 2000, XP and Vista. That is a lot of years. Where one time we could create a set of folders and place our most used programs and it all looked nice and neat, now we can still create the folders but maintaining the nice neat look is really difficult. … Continue reading Registering my protest..

IE 9 Compatibility

It pays to read the blurb on the webpage which appears when you initially start up IE9. If you don’t, like me, you will miss really important info on how to get to the full range of IE tools. Help pages re the tools tell you where to look in the menu, but don’t tell you where the menu is. The abridged menu which appears when you click on the gear symbol is as much use as a chocolate teapot. OK, so how do you get to the full menu? Answer: Hold one of the ALT buttons down and now click … Continue reading IE 9 Compatibility

USB Ports..

Back in the old days, all ports on a computer were on the back panel (in the case of the BBC Micro, underneath too). This worked for mice, keyboards, printers, scanners, speakers etc. Then along came headsets and plug ‘n play USB devices. So case manufacturers started to include front panel audio and USB ports. A good idea? Well, it made them more accessible, but the trouble is that they then become vulnerable to being accidentally knocked and a source of amusement  small children.  Laptop USB port placement isn’t much better either. On my Toshiba L500, the USB ports are … Continue reading USB Ports..

Internet Explorer 9 – revised

It is definitely a browser,  still looks like a browser but is even more minimalist than IE7 or 8, and it is fast. During installation, you are given the chance to disable add-ins and you are told how much time will be saved when opening the browser. I elected to keep some, the useful ones. You will want to enable ‘Search Suggestions, and I will tell you why.. If you opt out of Search Suggestions, typing some keywords into the search box will take you to just one website. An example: typing ‘Ferrari’ will take you straight to the Ferrari … Continue reading Internet Explorer 9 – revised


I don’t like the weather gadget which comes with Vista and Windows 7. I much prefer the Weather Networks offering, at least I did until very recently. Accuweather do a nice line in gadgets, various versions but, strangely, the smallest version does not show the correct temperature. When I installed it and connected to their website, it was 1 degree C out. Not much, I will admit, but enough to cause some concern. This is the one I have settled on, and this is how it looks. Oh, and it shows the same temperature as the website. The place  name … Continue reading Gadgets

I had to start over

Problem:: one Western Digital 160Gb SATA drive, used as the primary, and developing faults. I ran error checking and it cleared them. Then I ran Easeus Partition Copy, which told me that the drive still had problems and could not be copied. Three times I tried, and three times I got back the same message. So I had to start over, clean install, reset all settings. No, I don’t use images of the entire OS + applications etc because I never have luck with them. Also, it gives me a chance to get shot of stuff that I really never … Continue reading I had to start over

D-Link.. more woes

Recently, I was asked to set up a ‘new’ computer, transfer files and connect it wirelessly to a home network. The computer, an aging HP business desktop, was supplied by a third party, had XP installed, and also a D-Link WDA 2320 PCI wireless card. According to the supplier, all was well and the WDA had tested out ok. It may have been ok when connecting to the third party’s wireless router, but it surely didn’t like the Cisco WRT106n to which I was attempting to connect.  Regardless of what I tried, it would not pick up and retain the … Continue reading D-Link.. more woes

Windows 7 Gaming

Command and Conquer Generals According to the Windows 7 Compatibility Centre, the game will run under Windows 7 (both bit versions) So I installed in compatibility mode and ran the game as an administrator. Results: The game’s initialization screen is a complete mess, but you can ESC out of it The screen where you first have to make any choice is fine, as are all others thereafter. The game plays really well. Unfortunately, it doesn’t save games, so when you restart the game, you are back at square one (first mission). Some may find this extremely annoying..

Adobe Flash not working?

It doesn’t happen often, but more than it should. If you can’t play YouTube videos or from any other online video source, you have a problem. Installing over the top of what is already there doesn’t work. You have to first uninstall.. Link here for the uninstaller.. When you come to re-install AF, it may report that the install was not successful, but a little perseverance will get it back on track.. Good luck.. 🙂

Return of the Family Pack..

It is all here. Great news for those who are still pondering the upgrade to Windows 7