You should defrag. It keeps files in some kind of order and, while it may speed up general operations a little, it will reduce wear and tear on the hard drive heads too.

I have always been a fan of Diskeeper, and not just because the integrated XP defragger was a derivative of the same. Diskeeper always seemed to take up less resources than others while it was doing its stuff. It still does, and it doesn’t install functions which remain if you decide to uninstall for any reason like PerfectDisk does.

There are two problems with the latest Diskeeper.

  1. It costs.. not unreasonable as it is a good quality utility with good support form the author
  2. It is not as visual as it used to be which could be a critical fault for those who like to watch defrag in progress

Is there a good free alternative to Diskeeper which you can watch from start to finish? Yes, there is.

I have tried one or two free defraggers, and only one seems to use the same defrag algorythm as Diskeeper. Its name is AUSLOGICS Defragmenter..

So, if you want a defragger and you don’t want to have to pay for it, click here on the link below.. 

This utility is fast and furious. If you want to watch it go, do not walk away from the screen. You may miss all of the action… 🙂

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