Website advertising – stay on side PLEASE..

This is the Softpedia page where you can download the XP Zune theme. It is representative of many pages on the Internet. The searched title is along the top, but look at what is below and around the download button for the theme!!

What hope is there of the average computer user keeping their computer free of invasive crap?

Recommended: Advanced Registry Optimiser – RegistrtyBooster 2010

Recommended by who? The guys who will stitch up the user for money to get the junk to finish its scan and ‘clean’ stuff that doesn’t require cleaning is who..LOOK

Too many Internet pages these days have links to programming which will do the opposite of any claims made. Even tech guys who help in online forums have links to crap for which they give uninstall information such that average Joe can regain control over his computer. Whose side are they on?

And there is nothing more annoying than having to close pop-up ads which spring out of nowhere to cover text in articles. If revenue is needed to keep your website going, try advertising stuff that wont screw up the show.

So you won’t get as much for each click.. Awwww. 

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