nVidia 260.99 drivers

The installation progressed without incident and, at the end of it all, I ran MSTS in 1024 x 768 and the game no longer filled the 19’ widescreen. So I rolled back to the 258 driver, and it still wouldn’t fill the screen. I also picked up another problem in that coming out of sleep or hibernate was slowed down because the system was now detecting two driver versions.

After an installation of 260.99 again, the slowness disappeared, but the game would still not fit the screen. Having said that, MSTS was written to run on a 4mb Matrox Mystique displaying on a 4:3 15” CRT, so I shouldn’t be surprised. In all honesty, the game looks more realistic as everything now has the correct aspect ratio. The Class 50 looks better and it doesn’t look like it’s running on the old GWR Broad Gauge.

In summary, 260.99 works ok..

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