Outlook 2010 add-ins..

How to make it more reliable..

History: I was having problems starting Outlook on occasion, and I was having to run SCANPST too much.

Looking at the add-ins (File > Options > Add-ins):

  1. COM add-in for MS Outlook Hotmail Connector = Not required.. I do not want Hotmail maxing out my pst file, thanks.
  2. MS Exchange add-in = Not required.. I do not connect to an exchange server
  3. MS Outlook Social Connector = Not required.. EVER
  4. MS SharePoint Server Colleague Import Add-in = Not required
  5. MS SharePoint Workspace Proxy for Outlook add-in = Not required

Outlook disabled Windows Search Email Indexer because it was crapping out, and it will not restart anyway.

For essentially a home user like me, changing the above items to inactive works for me. For others, the list will be different. Just like IE and Windows, too many unused  and unwanted start-up functions make Outlook sluggish and temperamental.

Since I did the above, Outlook has been springing onto the desktop. It was definitely worth the few minutes that it too to carry out.

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