Restore points and Windows 7 64-bit..

It seems that many have a problem with restore points disappearing. See here.. This is possibly the longest thread in MS Answers, and I have read through it because I too had a problem with restore points. What I couldn’t understand was why Windows frequently created them without warning me that there was a problem. As it turns out, the problem was me. I ran the Command Prompt as administrator, and typed this line.. vssadmin list shadowstorage It showed that I did have restore points, but what I didn’t immediately notice was the location. I had originally installed Windows … Continue reading Restore points and Windows 7 64-bit..

D-Link Shareport revisited..

A fair while ago, I wrote a short piece on D-Link’s Shareport utility. Essentially, it promised the use of the Shareport capable router USB port as a print server but failed to deliver BIG TIME. Well, D-Link have released a new version of Shareport, version 3, and it appears to actually work. You can even set it to automatically switch to the computer which wants to print. To get the software, go to the relevant D-link web site for your router, click on Support > Additional software..

D-Link firmware..

If you didn’t know, D-Link have dumped Securespot, and may replace the service with something else. Anyway, they are advising users of Securespot routers to upgrade the firmware to version 1.25NA which effectively eliminates any and all mention of Securespot in the router configuration settings. If the firmware does not update, you will have to reset the router to factory settings, and then run the firmware update again.

As Seen On TV

Magic Bullets still sell despite some less than favourable reviews, and Cash for Gold is still short-changing people who send their gold jewels in despite less than favourable reviews. So this one has just got to go down big with the TV watching public.. Suffice to say that I have not taken up the offer, and I would advise you not to take it up either. Cleaning out the XP/Vista/Windows 7 registry will make nothing faster, trust me. Save your money.

It was only a matter of time..

There have been many reports of unsolicited calls from "Windows Support" edited, straight out of the box.. yesterday, i was contacted by somebody who said that they were from windows support and that the computer sent a lot of error reports to them, he said that my 4 month old computer was in danger of a complete breakdown. i was then refered to a tech who sold me a package that cost over 100 euro , fixed(?) it remotely, said that I had no protection against viruses, We have a full package from AGV, it says that we are fully … Continue reading It was only a matter of time..

Twitter finally has some value..

Our local AM talk radio station, AM980 (London Ontarion) uses Twitter to put out breaking news, local gas prices etc. Coo, wow, big deal.. well big enough for me to subscribe 🙂 Generally, I get maybe five or six tweets per day, Coo, wow, big deal.. So, it came to pass, Sunday 4 December 2010, that it started to snow over London Ontario.. and it snowed and it snowed, and as usual, Canadians motorists proved to be no more accustomed to snowy conditions than drivers in Jamaica. Together with cellphone equipped motorists and various organisations around the city, AM980 has put out … Continue reading Twitter finally has some value..

Back to XP..

My spare computer is not running Windows 7 or Vista anymore. I have decided to set it up for my grand-daughter to be able to play her DVDs and music CDs, and I will get some educational software for her too. She will be over the moon with it, and will not care one iota that it is now running XP.. The problem with Vista and Windows 7 was that a full driver set was not available for the graphics card, an ATI 9250, and it it not worth buying another video card for the machine. For me, there are … Continue reading Back to XP..

New Years resolutions..

I have two for the coming year. #1 I am no longer going to pull out my newsreader across two 19” widescreen monitors, and then alter the column widths just so I can see a a computer user problem which has been entered in its entirety into the TITLE box. The ‘Ask your question’ webpage could not be clearer. It states ‘BE SPECIFIC’, not ‘RAMBLE ON’.. #2 Questions which look like this..   will also be ignored. While some can’t help their spelling and grammar, there is little or no excuse for not knowing how to use the spacebar. There … Continue reading New Years resolutions..