New Years resolutions..

I have two for the coming year.


I am no longer going to pull out my newsreader across two 19” widescreen monitors, and then alter the column widths just so I can see a a computer user problem which has been entered in its entirety into the TITLE box.

The ‘Ask your question’ webpage could not be clearer. It states ‘BE SPECIFIC’, not ‘RAMBLE ON’..


Questions which look like this..

  will also be ignored. While some can’t help their spelling and grammar, there is little or no excuse for not knowing how to use the spacebar. There have been times when I have had to copy the text from a post into MS Word and then try to make sense of it before being able to construct a response. No more and no apologies.

So, for 2011, help me to help you and I will always be there. Read through the instructions, leave spaces between parts of your question. Report writing, which is what you are essentially doing, should be clear. Each different point made should be a separate paragraph.

Have a great new year..

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