Back to XP..

My spare computer is not running Windows 7 or Vista anymore. I have decided to set it up for my grand-daughter to be able to play her DVDs and music CDs, and I will get some educational software for her too. She will be over the moon with it, and will not care one iota that it is now running XP..

The problem with Vista and Windows 7 was that a full driver set was not available for the graphics card, an ATI 9250, and it it not worth buying another video card for the machine. For me, there are three things which ‘break’ a computer: bad graphics, a crappy keyboard and a crappy mouse. The mouse and keyboard were ok.

To be honest, it has been sitting under my desk for a while now, unised apart from receiving or sending the occasional fax. It will still be able to do that, so nothing lost, but it will get way more use showing Treehouse DVDs.

As always, XP initially installed quite quickly, the ATI 9250 is working at full capacity again, the toddler’s DVDs playe well via Cyberlink’s PwerDVD, but these XP updates!!!! Maybe when I wake up, they will all be done.. 🙂

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