Twitter finally has some value..

Our local AM talk radio station, AM980 (London Ontarion) uses Twitter to put out breaking news, local gas prices etc. Coo, wow, big deal.. well big enough for me to subscribe 🙂 Generally, I get maybe five or six tweets per day, Coo, wow, big deal..

So, it came to pass, Sunday 4 December 2010, that it started to snow over London Ontario.. and it snowed and it snowed, and as usual, Canadians motorists proved to be no more accustomed to snowy conditions than drivers in Jamaica.

Together with cellphone equipped motorists and various organisations around the city, AM980 has put out a steady stream of tweets regarding road conditions, traffic accidents, school and other educational establishment closures, mall closures, stat of the loacl bus services et al. It has all been interesting and useful output.

Way to go Twitter and AM980. The last time I cam across anything as useful was nineteen years ago BT (before Twitter). Location: middle England.. a huge snowstorm hit Birmingham and quite a lot to the south and east. The local radio station, CWR (Coventry and Warwickshire Radio) worked tirelessly for over thrity six hours, putting out all kinds of useful info and became the central point of a local community effort to co-ordinate help for the thousands of people stranded in vehicles and homes with no power.

Treat this post as a reminder to always have a battery or clockwork operated radio, btw..

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