It was only a matter of time..

There have been many reports of unsolicited calls from "Windows Support" edited, straight out of the box..

yesterday, i was contacted by somebody who said that they were from windows support and that the computer sent a lot of error reports to them, he said that my 4 month old computer was in danger of a complete breakdown. i was then refered to a tech who sold me a package that cost over 100 euro , fixed(?) it remotely, said that I had no protection against viruses, We have a full package from AGV, it says that we are fully protected, the computer is not working any better, and to add insult, less than an hour later, Norton comes in, claiming that they found lots of viruses and the computer is in danger ( norton came with the computer. Whats going on, Was i scammed.???? Does Windows contact people like that..

The originating author, apart from losing one hundred Euros, may well have lost whatever else was in his/her bank account, assorted passwords, and even his/her ID if his/her Social Security number was saved on the computer somewhere.

A nice little haul for whoever the caller was, eh.

It doesn’t have to end like this. Microsoft don’t know you, don’t want to know you, don’t want to call you, don’t want to pay out a large lottery win. It is NOT their business and they do not want to make it their business.


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