Windows 7 Service Pack 1 is now installed..

.. and the computer came out of hibernation this morning without a squawk. First time since the last round of updates.

I stopped the first attempt to install the pack when I noticed WinPatrol intercepting it. The computer had been sitting appearing to do nothing for a while. The only indication that anything was rumbling was the hard drive LED. I shouldn’t have worried because the second time into the installation with WinPatrol turned off took two hours and forty minutes back to a working desktop.

It has to be remembered that my system is an aging dual core AMD 939, so nothing is blisteringly fast. I had a feeling that the hour or so suggested for the install might overshoot, but one can only hope. The Toshiba L500 i3 four core was back to a working desktop within the hour, and that will just leave the Celeron Conroe 1333 still requiring the update.

Anyway, Computer properties shows that SP1 is in place, and all is well with the world so far.

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