Windows 7 SP1 – Install now or wait?

So you regularly do your Windows updates and all is as it should be. Why install a service pack which only amounts to a rollup?

  1. Sooner or later, there will be an update which will require that SP1 is in place, so why not do it now?
  2. If the PC is in good order, there is no better time to install a major collection of updates.
  3. A service pack ensures that you have no gaps in the update history
  4. If the service pack is going to be a problem, why not sort it out now?
  5. The service pack is not going to change any time soon or ever.

Five reasons why you should get it now. Can you think of five reasons why not to get it? Here goes..

  1. um.. errr.. pphhh..

I can’t think of one even. I want my PC to run well, and be as secure as it can be.  I have no problem with updates, no paranoia.

For home users, Microsoft suggest that Windows Update is the best source as it delivers a small package based upon what is already installed on the PC. For more than one computer as I have here, there is a substantial download available..

Any good CD/DVD burning software will create an installation disk from the above ISO. Allow anything up to three hours if your computer is an older model, and less than one hour if you have a reasonably well specified new one.

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