Home software – A general warning..

Following on from my previous post re To do lists, Calendars etc.. The problem with feature-rich‘home user’ applications like Noto where you have to pay is this. You get used to using them, store a great deal of information in them, and then wake up one day to find that the software developer has lost interest and no longer supports the application for the operating system to which you want to upgrade. Free stuff has less functions to which one gets attached but the same may apply. It’s upgrade time.. And it gets worse.. I remember buying American Greetings Create-a-Card … Continue reading Home software – A general warning..

To do lists, Calendars et environ..

Personally, I like ‘clean’ and simplicity, and free is good if I can get it, Never assume that best is the most expensive, because best is very subjective. Always try free stuff first. You may find that it suits your purposes to a tee. My choice.. Back in 1992, I picked up on a small application called Lotus Organiser. For those who don’t know, it was an electronic Filofax®, and looked just like the real thing. See? It was customizable, quite the cutest personal organiser of its day, the best selling Windows application of all time, and really useful. It … Continue reading To do lists, Calendars et environ..

Diskeeper 2011–Restore point update..

Just a quickie. It appears that Diskeeper 2011 doesn’t trash restore points on my computer as the 2010 version was doing. Also, it is even less noticeable in operation that 2010 was. Way to go, Diskeeper. Well done.. Diskeeper 2011 is now available to all, btw.. https://www.diskeeper.com/

‘Tiny’ will kill some of us..

It was the usual cold Ontario kind of day, snow on the ground, freezing rain, sub-zero temperatures, the kind of day where one wraps up warm. I was in the elevator, en route to the Jeep in the underground parking lot. The elevator stopped on the forth floor, and a person alighted, full weather gear and face half covered. Within a split second of entering, the person’s woolly glove clad hands started typing feverishly on a cellphone keyboard so small that I couldn’t even see it. So I came out with a well used cliché and got no response. I … Continue reading ‘Tiny’ will kill some of us..

Diskeeper 2011..

.. will be released to the public on the 22nd of this month to the general public and business community. It has been released to the tech community first, and today I downloaded and installed the Pro Premier version. This is the panel you first see when it opens. Have a read of it. OK, done? There is a system report page which opens after the above is closed. Both can be unchecked such that you do not see them again The default for Diskeeper  is to organise the files on the disk for efficiency, and it is probably best … Continue reading Diskeeper 2011..

Internet Explorer 9 is the fastest..

Great news for all Microsoft ‘shills’, and I guess that I am in that fold. We are talking about the 32-bit version, btw, the one that is the default regardless of Windows 7 bit version. Microsoft used the Chakra JIT in IE9 32-bit because it should be the version of choice presently. Adobe Flash, Java and other browser add-ons are released for 32-bit, but Adobe is still dragging its feet re 64-bit Flash. Anyway, it has been found to be faster than Google’s Chrome, and that pleases me because I don’t like Google. I don’t like any organisation which has … Continue reading Internet Explorer 9 is the fastest..

Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 7..

.. is still free and now works with Windows 7 as well as Vista. This is what it looks like..   If you like tweaking, you have just got to go for this, but remember to tweak bits one at a time. Make too many changes and you may just forget what you have done. This is where you get it.  http://www.thewindowsclub.com/ultimate-windows-tweaker-v2-a-tweak-ui-for-windows-7-vista Try not to click on the free registry scan buttons ( I do wish that MVPs and other techies wouldn’t support ads like these)

Not so much where you want to go..

More how on earth do you get there? I’ll give you the link because my typing is slow. One hundred ways to get there, wherever ‘there’ might be.. http://distrowatch.com/ and watch out because some of them are cul-de-sacs and others have yet to be properly surfaced. Ubuntu is top of the list, but Linux purists will tell you that Ubuntu is a ‘play’ OS, a sandbox. Where have you heard that before? The trolls were always keen to tell you all about the fifteen hundred or so programs, oops, packages which made Linux better than Windows would ever be. None … Continue reading Not so much where you want to go..

Linux trolls still on the defensive

If Ubuntu Linux was as good as they say it is, there would be one article written purely about Ubuntu, but there never is. Always a reference to to Microsoft Windows. This is the latest. Oh my God! There are security holes in Ubuntu 10.04! The sky is falling! Bill Gates is the maker of the one true operating system; forgive us Bill for we have worshiped at the feet of false Penguin idols. Oh please, give me a break! My sentiments exactly. Give us a break! When Windows was updated as and when, Linux trolls droned on about how … Continue reading Linux trolls still on the defensive

MS Answers 2 – a disaster in progress

If MS Answers mk1 was broken, that term has been taken to new levels by MS Answers mk2. I have no idea what server setup Microsoft is using or did use, but one thing is for sure, something is not right. There are times when it is very fast, and the rest of the time it will not let you in. Not exactly good makings of a help forum, eh. Assuming that you have been able to get access, the first thing you will get for posting or answering is a badge which you can’t ever lose. Does anybody care? … Continue reading MS Answers 2 – a disaster in progress