Linux trolls still on the defensive

If Ubuntu Linux was as good as they say it is, there would be one article written purely about Ubuntu, but there never is. Always a reference to to Microsoft Windows. This is the latest.

Oh my God! There are security holes in Ubuntu 10.04! The sky is falling! Bill Gates is the maker of the one true operating system; forgive us Bill for we have worshiped at the feet of false Penguin idols. Oh please, give me a break!

My sentiments exactly. Give us a break!

When Windows was updated as and when, Linux trolls droned on about how full of holes Windows must be that it is patched almost daily. Now, we have ‘Patch Tuesday’..

What makes Ubuntu and Linux better than most of their competitors aren’t that they are flawless. It’s that when bugs are found, they fixed as fast as possible and then the fixes are pushed out to users immediately. There is no monthly Patch Tuesday.. If there’s a significant problem, its tracked down and fixed. Period. End of statement.

Funny that one of the great things about Ubuntu, which has to install a whole bunch of updates directly after having been installed itself, is that it gets patched daily.

Make up your mind, pulease.

XP home versions set up the user such that not all things were possible without changing permissions, and since Vista we have had UAC.

It also helps that Linux is inherently more secure than Windows. Linux is based on the design idea that it’s working on a multi-user, networked systems. From its very start, it was built to deal with a potentially hostile world. Windows wasn’t.

Windows is, yes even now, built on a single-user working on a solo machine model. In addition, Windows was designed to make it very easy for programs to trade data and instructions with each other. That’s why it’s so easy to move data from say Word to Excel and back again. The bad news is that these IPCs (inter-process communications), procedures that were never designed with security in mind.

And then they go on to blame the Linux kernel for problems, not the individual distros.

Guys, the only people who care are the Bill Gates/Microsoft haters, and you are one small minority,

Of course, not all Linux users are trolls. Some just get on and use it because it works for them and/or it suits their pocket. Good for them, but the same applies to Windows users too. We decide where we want to go, and then just go.


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