Internet Explorer 9 is the fastest..

Great news for all Microsoft ‘shills’, and I guess that I am in that fold.

We are talking about the 32-bit version, btw, the one that is the default regardless of Windows 7 bit version. Microsoft used the Chakra JIT in IE9 32-bit because it should be the version of choice presently. Adobe Flash, Java and other browser add-ons are released for 32-bit, but Adobe is still dragging its feet re 64-bit Flash.

Anyway, it has been found to be faster than Google’s Chrome, and that pleases me because I don’t like Google. I don’t like any organisation which has a finger in any and every pie that I pick. Reminds me too much of ‘1984’ and Winston Smith.

Hurrah for IE9.. Smile

I have always liked Internet Explorer, right from the first day. i took a lot of flak from colleagues who all felt sorry for the Netscape underdogs. My reply was that I used what was best for me, and I always have.

For more on the test, see here..

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