To do lists, Calendars et environ..

Personally, I like ‘clean’ and simplicity, and free is good if I can get it, Never assume that best is the most expensive, because best is very subjective. Always try free stuff first. You may find that it suits your purposes to a tee.

My choice..

Back in 1992, I picked up on a small application called Lotus Organiser. For those who don’t know, it was an electronic Filofax®, and looked just like the real thing.



It was customizable, quite the cutest personal organiser of its day, the best selling Windows application of all time, and really useful. It was the first application for home users which demonstrated what computers could do best, bringing all kinds of info a small panel using a link function. It was a calendar, notebook, to do list, all kinds of stuff.

Sadly, I don’t use it anymore because it is not Windows 7 64-bit friendly, and I now use Microsoft Outlook which integrates with other stuff way better than Organiser ever did.

Unfortunately for many, Microsoft Outlook is not cheap if bought as a standalone product, and neither are the versions of Microsoft Office which include it. Windows Live Mail mimics Outlook to some degree but does not have a task/to do list or reminder function. So what is a person to use that will help organise lives?


This is Noto, and as you can see, it looks like Lotus Organiser. It runs in Windows 7 64-bit too. (-:


I don’t think that it has quite all of the functions of Lotus Organiser like section linking, but it will import to MS Outlook. There are three views, closed, compact and readable, and there is downloadable content available for some of the sections. There is no free version, but you can trial it for 30 days, thereafter paying $40 for continued use.

Exstora comparison


This one is available as a free or paid version (a special offer of $22.16 presently), and this is how it opens up. For other screen shots and differences between free and paid versions, visit the website.

To access the features, all you have to do is right click on the appropriate section. A window opens which allows you to edit events, to do’s etc.

It is not what you might call a fun application, but it does the basic job if you don’t want to pay, and is a much better way of reminding yourself of upcoming events than scribbling on a paper calendar.

To the right is the Exstora feature list which shows the difference between basic and Pro versions.


PowerDo – a simple ‘to do’ list found in found in Windows ‘Get more gadgets’ –

This is for people who don’t write on Calendars but who want to be reminded of pertinent upcoming events. There are very few functions, but it well export to a text file.

There are lots more out there, and if you don’t like my choice of PIM, visit this website.

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