My production machine so far..

.. is working as expected. The Gigabyte GA880GM-UD2H has no faults or problems after installation. Performance is generally way better than the dual core ‘939’ system that it replaced, but some items still take their time appearing, especially Network Monitor II which has always been a little intransigent. All applications other than Outlook and MS Accounting 2009 start up more or less instantly, and I can open as much as I like without incurring a performance penalty. All pretty good stuff, eh. The most impressive part of the new setup is the Cooler Master 690 II case. It isn’t small, … Continue reading My production machine so far..

We have been spotted..

Question: Why are you wearing leopard skins? Answer: Curses, so that is why we are spotted. Joking apart, we really have been spotted. Read this.. Who needs a partly eaten apple or a penguin with a penchant for sitting around? MVPs answer around 25% of all queries in Microsoft Answers. That is a considerable amount considering how many of us actually present ourselves there. Way to go, guys. I am still proud to be invited to the party.

Internet Explorer 9 Tracking Protection..

So that you know what I am writing about, IE9 tracking protection appears like this in the URL box….  I am all for security and protection, but it can get in the way sometimes, and IE9’s tracking protection is getting in the way. If you roll your mouse over the symbol, it shows the message ‘Some content is filtered on this site’. It is the default setting which is how it should be, but local permission to show content can be changed by clicking on it and turning off tracking for the site that you are visiting. Two instances where … Continue reading Internet Explorer 9 Tracking Protection..

Microsoft Hardware.. the website

This is the new look website.. This is the driver support for the MS Laser Desktop 6000 set.. The drivers on my system were the latest at the time, and a later version than what is appearing on the URL above. What is going on here? Should I uninstall what I have now and reload the older versions? Certainly, mouse and keyboard performance locally is nothing to write home about.. So, I uninstalled both mouse and keyboard drivers, remembering to check the ‘delete all driver software’ boxes. The last thing I wanted was for Windows to re-install versions … Continue reading Microsoft Hardware.. the website

Cooler Master CM690 II ‘Advanced’

I rehoused all of the internal parts which make up my production computer today. In place of the no name case is a Cooler Master CM690 II ‘Advanced’, What I like about it;. It is not pig ugly like many of the cases available There is lots of space inside You get three large internal fans and space for seven more (assorted sizes) All controls and ports are mounted at the top of the case There is a switched external SATA X-dock under a sliding cover on the top of the case Slide in HDD trays including one for … Continue reading Cooler Master CM690 II ‘Advanced’

MS Picture-It users..

If you have recently bought  a new Windows PC or upgraded from an earlier Windows, you will know that Picture-It is not compatible with Windows 7. It gets worse. The format that Picture-It uses to save as a file is ‘.mix’, one of Microsoft’s own file extensions. Needless to say, it is not common and it is widely believed that you need Picture-It to open the file type. OK, some good news. XnView will load .mix images and allow them to be converted to a format which can be read in ANY Windows viewer, and you can get it here.. … Continue reading MS Picture-It users..