PerfectDisk 12

Raxco were nice enough to send me NFR’s for their latest incarnation, and I have been gracious enough to give it a try. So, out goes Diskeeper (my long time favourite) for now, and in comes PerfectDisk 12.

Installation was a breeze, and I have left every setting as default because this is what most users would do. So far, there has been no negative impact on my machine. I can’t say that I have noticed any performance increase, but it is not about what I can see. It is all about keeping everything in good order as the machine sees it.

PerfectDisk 12

This is what you see when it opens after a ‘run’.

Points that I like:

  • It doesn’t appear to impact performance
  • It doesn’t seem to trash Windows 7 restore points
  • It tells you what it had done for you while you were out
  • There are ‘boxes to watch’ which add to the excitement of your weekly ‘fix’

I haven’t been left with any negative thoughts so far, BUT I haven’t tried uninstalling it yet. Previous versions left some very nasty carry-overs which would only show their faces on a reboot, and were difficult to remove.

Anyway, thanks to Raxco for producing something that I actually like. For more on this release..

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