A Windows 7 compatible USB analogue modem

Since selling off my old spare XP powered PC, I have not had a machine from which I could fax. My old Intel 536EP PCI modem worked for XP, Vista and Windows 7 32-bit, but unfortunately not for 64-bit anything, and both the new spare, laptop and my production machine all run Windows 7 64-bit. The Toshiba laptop doesn’t have an RG11 socket, and I wasn’t about to pay in excess of $60 for a USR internal Windows 7 friendly analogue modem, or for that matter, $60 for a USR USB modem. Yes, I know. USR modems are the most … Continue reading A Windows 7 compatible USB analogue modem

Able2Extract – PDF extraction made easy

Ever wanted to extract a PDF file to a word processor? I have a collection of PDFs, almost all computer or computer part related. I download them for info on replacing parts, cabling front panel headers etc. It is a little annoying to have to hold and look through a complete manual just for one or maybe two pages out of it, but with Able2Extract, I can now convert part or all of a manual or document to MS Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel, Open Office, HTML, and AutoCAD, or save as a BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, or TIFF image file. … Continue reading Able2Extract – PDF extraction made easy

A new CPU cooler..

Living on the south facing 10th floor of a condo block affords great views, but heat from the sun is intense and there is no free window in which to set up an air conditioner. As a result, the case does not get much cool air during the short summer months, and it was a little worrying to see the CPU spike high and fast during game playing or anything intensive. So I finally succumbed to removing the stock fan and heat-sink, rep[lacing it with a ‘tower’ version. I opted for the Silenx EFZ-120HA4 which is a good balance between … Continue reading A new CPU cooler..

MyCleanPC revisited.. they cancelled my call.. put the receiver down on me.. LOL

The guy on the TV advert states that a virus can PERMANENTLY damage a computer. Really?? So I just called the MyCleanPC telephone number. It is on their website.. 1 800 275 4694 I stated to the operative that before I let them do anything or me purchase anything, I wanted to ask a question. It was simple enough. What part of my computer could be permanently damaged by a virus? The operative wasn’t sure and offered to pass me on to a technical operative. I waited, and sure enough another operative spoke up. I asked the same question. What … Continue reading MyCleanPC revisited.. they cancelled my call.. put the receiver down on me.. LOL