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Ever wanted to extract a PDF file to a word processor? I have a collection of PDFs, almost all computer or computer part related. I download them for info on replacing parts, cabling front panel headers etc.

It is a little annoying to have to hold and look through a complete manual just for one or maybe two pages out of it, but with Able2Extract, I can now convert part or all of a manual or document to MS Word, Publisher, PowerPoint, Excel, Open Office, HTML, and AutoCAD, or save as a BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF, or TIFF image file.

Able2Extract works very well indeed. The conversion of any PDF into MS Word or Publisher 2010 gives up a perfect rendition of the original but in an editable form. I tried a set of photos which were in a PDF, converted the file into PowerPoint 2010, and again got a perfect rendition.

Editing text as it appears in MS Word is easy too. However, if you cut some text out, paste it into a separate document and try to resize it, you enter a game where you have to mess with indents and line spacing before you get it to look as the original but larger than the original.

Hey, A2E saves a great deal of typing, and gives access to every diagram, photo, and  image in an original PDF.

Something else it will do. Download a PDF form, and you need to write entries onto it? Yuck.. messy, difficult  With Able2Extract, you can convert it to Word format and type into it. Very neat, very quick, very professional.

If you want to see it, look at screen shots, run a time limited trial, this is the place to go..

A quick comparison

I tried an online PDF converter.. ‘PDF to Word’.. and sorry guys, your claim that your utility “produces more accurate results than any other tool out there, including the most expensive desktop products”, is not strictly true. There is also a problem with large file conversions being way too large to be emailed.


Able2Extract is not aimed at the casual home user, unless of course a casual home user is found who has to fill out PDF forms daily/weekly. For office folk who need to convert from PDF to various editable formats, this utility has to be one of the best out there, and well worth a look.

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