The new system – an update..

It is 23°C in the computer area, courtesy of a 12000BTU air conditioner unit. The oversize heat-sink and fan are keeping the CPU below 40°C even under load, core and hard drives too. As you can see from Speedfan, the three fans connected to the motherboard are not exactly spinning out of control.

Core temperature is steady at 28°Cspeedfan, as are the two internal drives, the highest being the external drive in it’s USB housing at 38°C.

So, on the cooling and noise front, all is well. I can’t actually hear the computer at all. What I can hear is the air conditioner. Ouch.

Performance of the new system is very good indeed. I can open as much as I like and it doesn’t slow down at all. PerfectDisk is not slowing it either. Games take a little more, but with 8Gb, it doesn’t matter.

Halo Combat Evolved is back on the system as it is my favourite stress reducer, and I have tried out a little app called Update Checker from FileHippo. It is free, but doesn’t support every program or application out there. Having said that, I was advised that eight of my programs/applications were old, so it finds the most popular stuff for sure.

Microsoft Train Simulator crashed out after I added a route, and I had to uninstall all of it. I have yet to put it back on the new computer. Presently, I have MTS London – Port Stanley RR installed and it runs well enough. With older games, graphics generally don’t get any better, and this is true of MTS, but it is smoother maybe.

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