Newly released LG ‘retro’ phone requires a retro computer.. Grrrrrrrr

I recently replaced a lost cellphone with an LG Madison (GB255G). It is a retro style flip phone, simple, easy to use and works generally quite well. I didn’t pay too much for it , and I was quite pleased.

The cellphone has Bluetooth capability and can hook up to a PC. It can also hook up with the supplied USB cable at least to enable simple file transfers, but if you want to use the LG PC Suite, 64-bit is an impenetrable barrier.

I find it hard to believe that any or all software supplied for new LG cellphones is not being written for 64-bit, bearing in mind that 64-bit operating systems have been on the march since January 2007.

What is up with these companies? Don’t they read technology news?

I am lucky enough to be running a version of Windows 7 which can handle XP Mode. Luck does not extend to XP Mode being able to handle the cellphone, unfortunately.

LG have been contacted once already, and it will be interesting to see what is said in response to my second email.

2 thoughts on “Newly released LG ‘retro’ phone requires a retro computer.. Grrrrrrrr

  1. Considering your tone of replying to the lack of Sidewinder/gameport support complaints, it must be a bitch when it happens to you, isn’t it?

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