The forecast.. Today will be cloudless

This is just the beginning..;content

Today it is Microsoft, tomorrow an entire continent or maybe the world.

Even if we as individuals do NOT subscribe to the cloud, there will be a background service upon which we rely that is cloud based. The only problem is that we may not realize that we rely on any cloud service until we get a ‘normal service will be resumed as soon as possible’.

High pressure will take on an entirely new meaning after you have missed the connection at the airport or railroad station, arrived at the meeting late only to find out that the cloud server has been subject to high pressure too and has all but evaporated away.

This is why the car made it as the most preferred transit. It may not be the fastest, but at least you have some control over it, not having to rely on people unseen to ensure that it gets you there. There are no connections, only the occasional stop for refreshment, vehicle and driver.

There are of course scenarios where it might not be the direct fault of the clouds. See here..

I was living within 11 kms of the Quebec Ontario border, and realized very quickly from news radio reports that Quebec wasn’t being mentioned and must therefore still have power. Guess where I headed out? Grenville Que had working gas pumps, hot drinks, hot food.. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

I also believe that clouds will fast become #1 targets for hackers and disgruntled ex-cloud employees. Ouch

Treasure your hard drive and external back-up, especially if they are laptop based because you will still be able to show the presentation that took so long to put together, and it will be welcome relief in the arid darkness brought about by piped technology failure.

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