USB 3.0

Before you rush out and buy a USB 3.0 enabled motherboard and, if you have a bunch of USB 2.0 devices, there is no real need, consider the option of a USB 3.0 PCIe card.

  1. It will save your hard earned cash
  2. It uses the ‘to date’ useless tiny PCIe port at the side of the full length video card slot


Pictured here is Gigabyte’s contribution. Because it uses the PCIe silly slot, it will not impede airflow into and out of 3rd party video card fans. There are a couple of Molex power cables which when connected should give more than enough power to USB 2.0 and 3.0 devices.

Note that the suggested retail price is higher than other makes. For the same price, you can buy an external drive housing and USB 3.0 card combo, but the extra power of the Gigabyte card may well be worth the outlay. 

I would have considered a USB 3.0 enclosure but for the fact that they appear to be all SATA, and my backup drive is IDE. Converter connectors get less than favourable reviews, I am not sure that there would be enough room anyway, and I don’t feel disposed to dumping the not so old IDE drive just yet..

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