ISP discounts..

When organising member discounts with an ISP operative, do NOT believe a word they tell you.

I intercepted in April what would be a higher charge in May of this year, a $40 increase over what I had been paying. I was told by the Rogers operative at the time that the price for my Internet, Cable TV and phone would be the same price out of the door as I had been paying.

The above is NOT what happened. Rogers were going to get the full price out of me if only for one month. I am partly to blame as I did not check my online bill for May, because I ASSUMED that the operative was telling me the TRUTH.

Had I noticed the discrepancy before 90 days was up, Rogers could have done something for me.

HELLO.. I thought that they already had.. Sad smile

The 90 day period passed me unnoticed, and now I have to pay the excess amount, like it or not. So what do I do next? Here in London Ontario, we have a small array of Internet hustlers.

I have dealt with Bell before when living in the east of the Province. They LOST my two mail accounts, and it was the devil’s own job to get any of the mail back, plus I had to then broadcast two different mail IDs to everybody such that they could still send me mail. Also, Bell Sympatico support personnel are some of the rudest ‘service’ people that I have ever encountered in my life.

Odyyet is a local DSL Internet service only and I am about a mile and a half outside their area.

Execulink does phone and Internet, but not Cable TV in this area yet.

Start Communications has the same coverage as Odynet.

Teksavvy is Internet only.

The trouble is that I get a reasonable discount for having three parts of a package, and would not win pricewise if I was to get phone, TV and Internet from three different providers.

That just leaves Rogers.. Sad smile …. FOR NOW MAYBE. But situations change, and who knows, maybe Execulink will get there full act here.

Rogers would do well to reconsider some of their policies and review what operatives say to customers because for the first time in three years, I am seriously thinking about changing..

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