Windows 8 Preview.. the FIRST impression..

Wow, it’s an operating system. Cool..

The new GUI..

Like playing an intransigent sliding block puzzle which looks like a ‘Craps’ table. Make the icons smaller and move them around. They move but not always to where you expect or hope. Useless for desktop users who don’t have a touchscreen, and the green background? Who decided on that? It isn’t even a nice green.

Click on ‘desktop’ and you get a more familiar view. Click on the Windows icon and you are back on the ‘Craps’ table. Please tell me that the finished version will NOT do this.

Games/fun stuff..

Have you tried ‘Copper’? The name change is the least of it’s problems. Tinker was a cute game with old storybook type graphics. The new one is kind of 3D, and looks like a stop motion plasticene character. Kids programs on Treehouse TV are going the same way and losing a great deal of charm in the process. Instruction for moving the robot are based around ‘swiping’ it. I felt like swiping the entire game in the direction of OFF. 

Labyrinth was a game in the XP Plus pack. It was a decent game. If this one is close to the finished game, forget it.

Much of it appears to rely on the ability to ‘swipe’. I could get to dislike that word very quickly.

I think that Windows 7 lost soul during the transition from Vista. Its saving grace was that it worked better than Vista. Windows 8 will have to perform very well indeed to overcome the almost total lack of soul, and I can’t see it doing that presently.


The preview is running in VMWare 8, the trial version so I don’t have too long with it unless I can get VirtualBox to run it. So far, all attempts have ended in errors.

I didn’t expect performance, but I did expect changes. If the changes I see are implemented as they appear now, I will be staying with Windows 7. I want a desktop OS, not a converted cellphone OS. My guess is that cellphone people feel the same way but from the other direction.

For now, a definite thumbs down on the new UI or anything associated with it. As for the rest, if it gives me a view of folders and files that I am used to seeing, connects me to external devices like printers and external drives, and lets me use a $100 keyboard and mouse combo in the way that they were intended to be used, that is fine by me.. 

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