Windows 8 Preview..

I lost it and it will not re-install. With the problems I had with VirtuaBox and now VMWare 8, I am tempted to give the preview a miss completely. or maybe set up a hard drive all of its own. Trouble is that I do not have a hard drive kicking around presently.

So for now, there will be nothing from me on aspects of Windows 8 Preview other than what I have written already. To be perfectly honest, I would rather wait for the beta which will be much nearer to the finished product than the preview anyway.

More Preview information here..

There are many other sites and Youtube videos around too. The above is just the official Microsoft LZ.

2 thoughts on “Windows 8 Preview..

  1. I concur completely! I was floored when I couldn’t get Windows 8 to run using MS Virtual PC, but had to resort to using Oracle’s Virtual Box.

    One way or another, you aren’t missing much of anything! Windows 8, IMHO, is a great disappointment (another one from MS – Windows ME, Windows Vista)!!!

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