Updating software..

An innocuous title for the most part, but not when discussing LG software updates. As if I did not have enough problems getting LG software to work initially, I fell for the ‘upgrade your software’ ploy. It wasn’t anything to do with the ‘less than smart’ LG application as I had hoped, more to do with USB drivers. Removing the cellphone battery is part of it and possibly the least frustrating part were it not for the fact that I had to do it seven times in all. A variety of windows clambered onto the screen, some saying that the … Continue reading Updating software..

LG cellphone software – an update

Good news finally. It is now possible to download and install the LG support software and PC Suite onto a machine running Windows 7 64-bit. Not only does it download, it even installs and works after installation. Maybe my email to LG woke somebody up to the fact that 64-bit operating systems are becoming the ‘norm’. Now, you can find and download a variety of versions of PC Suite from a variety of sources, but you do not want to do that. The advantages of getting the software through the LG support tools is that you get the version of … Continue reading LG cellphone software – an update

Windows 8..

What I want from it.. A proper working desktop version, complete with proper working start menu and desktop front end,. It’s that simple. My computer is not the size of a phone or small book, and for what I do, keyboard and mouse is still the best input method. If I don’t get what I want from it.. I do not consider the Windows 8 desktop to be anything more than a sham re desktop computer use presently. Windows 7 took away the classic menu functions which for desktop users like me was everything. Now Windows 8 is taking the … Continue reading Windows 8..

Steve Jobs.. 1955 – 2011

Co-founder of  Apple computers along with Steve Wozniak. One of the four most famous names in the world of personal computing, Apple didn’t do so well after he was ousted in 1985, and his return to Apple later on took the company as high as any company can go. The world would not be the same without him. Steve Jobs was a man in a million. People like him do not grow on trees. He was the ‘i’ in phone, pad and Mac. Some say he was a difficult man to work alongside, which is why the company dumped him … Continue reading Steve Jobs.. 1955 – 2011

Windows Gadgets..

If you go to the Microsoft Gadget Gallery now, you will find many less gadgets available. This is not to say that the gadgets no longer exist, more that Microsoft are no longer providing the service as was. What few gadgets are on the current gadget page is all you will get unless you do a search in your preferred browser for 3rd party gadgets. This is the NEW Microsoft Gadget Gallery.. http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/downloads/personalize/gadgets Whatever you have running now, go to each gadgets ‘help’ and then bookmark the individual gadget website in case you ever need to re-install, and don’t forget … Continue reading Windows Gadgets..