Steve Jobs.. 1955 – 2011

Co-founder of  Apple computers along with Steve Wozniak. One of the four most famous names in the world of personal computing, Apple didn’t do so well after he was ousted in 1985, and his return to Apple later on took the company as high as any company can go. The world would not be the same without him.

Steve Jobs was a man in a million. People like him do not grow on trees. He was the ‘i’ in phone, pad and Mac. Some say he was a difficult man to work alongside, which is why the company dumped him in the first instance. Unfortunately, Apple didn’t do so well while he was away, but the company found a way to bring him back in.

Lucky they did really, because Apple would not be top dog now without his vision and his way of doing business. He was difficult to work alongside because his vision and his standards were way beyond everybody else’s ballpark.

So now he has gone. A very sad day for his family and those who appreciate just how much of Steve Jobs was in the phone or the computer which they use daily.

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